Condorcet Workshop in Rennes

PEARL seminar

PEARL is a network of researchers and research institutions that operate in the field of applied public economics and public finance. The main focus of the network is on the regional level of government, which of course includes studying the relationships with local, state, federal (or supra-national) institutions. The idea of PEARL is to gather various kinds of expertise both from different countries (implying different objectives, economic and institutional constraints) and from different fields of economic analysis (econometrics, public finance and public choice, local and regional economics, macroeconomics). Comparative analyses and transversal studies will be appreciated.

  • The 13th PEARL-seminar 2016: will be held in Spain. More info soon!
  • The 12th PEARL-seminar 2015: April 27-28 in Torino and Alessandria, Italy. Program: PEARL2015
  • The 11th PEARL-seminar 2014: October 2-3 in Rennes, France. Program: PEARLE2014
  • The 10th PEARL-seminar 2013: June 6-7 in Fribourg, Switzerland. Program: PEARL2013
  • The 9th PEARL-seminar 2012: June 7-8 in Helsinki, Finland. Program: PEARL2012
  • The 8th PEARL-seminar 2011: May 24-25 in Brno, Czech Republic. Program: PEARL2011
  • The 7th PEARL-seminar 2010: May 6-7 2010 inTorino and Alessandria, Italy. Program: PEARL2010
  • The 6th PEARL-seminar 2009: May 14-16, in Jinan,China . Program: PEARL2009
  • The 5th PEARL-seminar 2008: May 14-16, in Rennes , France. Program: PEARL2008
  • The 4th PEARL-seminar 2007: June 12-13, in Tampere, Finland.Program: PEARL2007
  • The 3rd PEARL-seminar 2006: 8th – 10th June, in Fribourg, Switzerland. Program: PEARL2006
  • The 2nd PEARL-seminar 2005: 19th – 21st May, in Helsinki, Finland. Program: PEARL2005
  • The 1st PEARL-seminar 2004: 29th – 31st January, in Rennes, France. Program: PEARL2004

Annual Meeting of the EPCS

  • The 2011 Meeting of the European Public Choice Society: University of Rennes 1 – France – April 28th – May 1st 2011

CREM – Seminars and conferences in Rennes

The CREM (Center for Research in Economics and Management) counts more than 240 members, who teach and do research in different areas: macroeconomics and finance, public economics and social choice, industrial economics, business and management. The list of the different events organized by the CREM is available here.

Seminar of the LEM

Program Workshop October 2015_VSept24