News from the students

Remise des diplômes : promotion 2017-2018


Le vendredi 1er février 2019, l’association du Master IMEPP a organisé la remise des diplômes pour la promotion 2017-2018. La …

Séminaire – Méthodes et outils d'analyse de prospective en finance publique locale

L’association Master 2 “Economie Publique et Finance Publique” organise un séminaire portant sur les “Méthodes et outils d’analyse de prospective …

Result of an exercise on Software R cran

The students were asked to do a little animation using the software R-Cran (statistics software). Here is the video that …

Come stai???

Buongiorno a tutti!

After two months in Italy, I think the time has come now to speak about my “new …

News from Tampere

hello Rennes !

In Tampere everything is all right (exepted this frozen wind…) !

See you soon


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