Rennes, a city of art and history

Rennes is a city in the east of Bretagne in north-western France, capital of the region, as well as of the Ille-et-Vilaine Département. Rennes is classified as a city of art and history.

Timber-framed houses


This tradition is explained by the presence of forests around the city. As in the rest of the Duchy of Brittany, in Rennes, the medieval-style timber-framed houses continued to be built until the mid 17th century, much later than the actual Middle Ages themselves.

The Parlement of Brittany


From a heritage and historical point of view, the Parlement of Brittany building is one of Rennes and Brittany’s finest tourist attractions. Steeped in history, this imposing law court overlooks the stately town square that bears its name, and features a wealth of 17th century French pictorial art.

Brittany, beautiful coasts and nautical sports

Bretagne (Brittany in English) is a cultural region in the north-west of France. Previously a kingdom and then a duchy, Brittany was united to the Kingdom of France in 1532 as a province. Bretagne has also been referred to as Less, Lesser or Little Britain (as opposed to Great Britain) and is considered as one of the six Celtic nations.

Le Mont Saint-Michel

mont-saint-michel Condorcet Center



Nautical Sports


Travelling to Rennes

Easy access via high-speed train, air or motorway.

Daily flights to Rennes-St-Jacques Airport directly from major French and European cities with major airlines or with low cost airlines from Europe. Rennes St-Jacques Airport is easily accessible. It is located only 10 minutes from the city centre by taxi.

  • Direct high speed trains (TGV) from Paris to Rennes in 2 hours, 18 daily round trips from 6:00 to 21:00
  • From Lille, Charles De Gaulle airport, Lyon, Marseille, and Strasbourg: direct TGVs to Rennes

350 km from Paris. 3 hours and 30 minutes by motorways A11/A13. 1h25 from Nantes.